Fee Schedule
(Contiguous 48 States)

We make it easy and affordable so you can focus on the best parts of joining a winning brand. Beef's low franchise fee is paid half at the signing of the franchise agreement and half at the signing of your lease. Our royalty and ad fees are among the lowest in the industry and are based on adjusted gross sales. Other fees and requirements are disclosed in our FDD.

Franchise Fee
Low Cost Franchise Fee
Per Location
*per unit developed
Royalty Fees
of adjusted gross sales
Marketing Fund Contribution
Marketing Fund
of adjusted gross sales


The best owners are closely tied to the communities in which they operate, thus we require an operating partner in every Beef ‘O' Brady's® restaurant. Single and multi-unit opportunities are available for franchising.

To open each Beef's restaurant, operators must have:

in liquid assets
Liquid Assets Icon
Minimum net worth
Net Worth Icon
An interest in becoming an integral part of the community
Community Icon
A love of people and sports
Sports & People Icon
Strong work ethic
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Beef's FAQs
Do You Offer Financing?

We provide a list of financial lenders with whom we've worked with in the past.

How much can I make?

A successful franchise depends on several variables, and we do not provide earnings claims. However, we suggest you contact our Franchise Partners for this information.

Do I need restaurant experience to succeed?

No. More than half our partners have no previous restaurant experience. We offer a comprehensive training program, which combines in-store, classroom, and at least one new store opening. You will participate in all aspects of training along with members of our training team.

Do I have to run the Beef's® myself?

No. However, all operating partners must have a minimum 10% equity partnership. We urge franchisees to be active members of their communities in order to successfully promote their brand.  

Who picks the site?

We will assist you in finding the best site for your Beef's®. Once you've signed your franchise documents, our Real Estate Manager and a network of brokers will assist you through the real estate process and help you negotiate the terms of your lease.

Who builds the site?

We will assist you with all aspects of planning, construction, purchasing equipment, and set up. We have experienced vendors to successfully design, develop, and equip your Beef's® restaurant. You can also use local vendors of your choosing.