Our brand was built out of love for community. Maybe that’s why the community loves us back.

Beef's began in 1985 when dreamer and entrepreneur Jim Mellody opened the doors of an affordable neighborhood pub like no other … inviting friends and families to enjoy their favorite foods while catching up on the latest sports. His creation would go on to become a preferred destination among locals, quickly endearing the community with its sense of heart. That same spirit lives on in every Beef ‘O' Brady's today.

Why is Beef's so easy to love? It's everything a typical restaurant chain isn't. Guests are encouraged to make themselves comfortable – even if that means pairing tables together for impromptu visits when spotting friends and neighbors across the dining room.

Many of our customers were kids when their moms and dads brought them in for the very first time. Now as grownups they're passing on a family tradition to the next generation. And while newer “homogenized sports grills” do their best to claim “me too” status, Beef's is an original with roots and loyalties that run deep.

Jim Mellody, the King of Wings

Jim Mellody “The King of Wings”

Beef's Family Sports Bar Franchise: passing on a family tradition to the next generation.